Grizzly Auto Detailing

Grizzly Auto Detailing

The automotive industry as a whole is going through digitalization and large increases in technology adoption. We see adoption from self-driving cars, to marketplace apps, to new business software. On-demand mobile detailing apps for consumers are on the rise, as are mobile business apps for business owners.

According to a study by the International Carwash Association, consumers increasingly prefer to get their cars washed professionally versus doing it at home.

In fact, more than 2 billion cars are washed each year in North America. In the US, the percentage of drivers that report most frequently getting professional car washes increased from 47% in 1994 to 72% in 2014.

According to a study by IHS Markit, the average car on the road in the U.S. comes in at a record-high 11.8 years old. To help put that into perspective, the average age of cars on the road 20 years ago was only 9.6 years. This means that cars today are being driven more than 20% longer. Choosing to get regular reconditioning and detailing services may be a way that consumers decide to take good care of their cars. A car that’s well taken care of is more likely to last.

Grizzly provides the top-flight professional detailing experience with an exciting app-based service that meets our customers where they are with friendly convenience and outstanding customer service!

Grizzly Auto DetailingGrizzly Auto Detailing
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